Total Realty Associates, Inc. is located at 733 Yonkers Ave, Suite 103, Yonkers, New York.
Our state of the art office is centrally located minutes from the NYC Metropolitan area as in Westchester County. Our property agents, on a regularly scheduled basis, visit our managed properties and oversee the maintenance, repairs and general up-keep. We follow up on the performance of the superintendents who are responsible for the daily routine maintenance such as trash removal and cleaning of the public areas. In many cases, the superintendents handle minor repairs and maintenance issues. We outsource other major repairs or improvements through our vendor relationships. All of the residents have 24 hour telephone numbers to call in case of emergency.
Total Realty Associates, Inc. has been managing residential properties within the NYC Metropolitan area and Westchester County for over 25 years. We also manage Cooperative properties, Mitchell-Lama developments, HUD properties, and HDFC properties. Because of our success managing the various properties we have established residential and cooperative divisions within Total Realty Associates, Inc. and have hired experienced staff with the necessary knowledge to resolve any issue that may arise.
Our experienced and aggressive staff successfully collects an average of 98% of the monthly rent and/or maintenance receivables. Our collection approach consists of sending follow-up notices by the 10th of the month and speaking to the tenants and shareholders when necessary.
Our vacancy rate of 2% is among the lowest in the New York City Metropolitan area. We have an extensive occupancy application process. We interview and screen prospective tenants; with prior approval we request credit reports, proof of occupation and when requested we have an agency visit the prospective tenant to further confirm the information provided. Usually within 15 days we complete the application and screening process and have the vacant apartment occupied.