Annual Window Guard Notice
Annual Fire Safety Plan
Building Department Boiler Inspection
NYC DEP Boiler Certificate of Operation
NYS (5 year) Oil Tank Registration
NYC Fire Department Oil Tank Registration
Lease Renewals
Maintain tenant security accounts
Coordinate elevator service / maintenance and testing
Coordinate exterminator service
Coordinate boiler service and maintenance
Administer payroll for filing payroll tax returns
All DHCR filings
Continue existing MBR and fuel cost adjustment filings
File decontrol forms when necessary
File agent registration forms
Coordinate apartment rehabs and repairs
Rent and sell apartments
Oversee superintendent cleaning and repairs
Notices to tenants / shareholder in English and Spanish
Coordinate dispossesses and eviction proceedings
Collect rent / distribute rent / maintenance invoices
Accounts payable / receivable services
Accounting services (at an additional cost)
Obtain and maintain insurance policy